謝親嚴居士講於2023年8月29日星期二晚 萬佛城大殿

The last time I tied dhamma affinity was November 8, 2016.. It has been seven
years since I last tried dharma affinity here. My name is Florence Seah. I came
to CTTB in 2015 to attend the MA program at DRBU. Since graduation, I have
stayed in Ukiah for eight-years. Actually, over the weekend, I didn’t feel well. I
vomited three times and suffered from gastric. Despite that, I am determined to
share my reflections tonight. So I asked myself, after all this time, why are you
still here? Being such an active and extroverted person who used to love to run
around the world, I asked myself, what am I still doing here in this place, people
often called this a village?

我最後一次結法緣是2016年11月8日。距離我上次在這裡結法緣已經有七年了。 我
的名字是 Florence。 2015 年, 我來到萬佛聖城法界大學攻讀碩士學位。畢業以來,
我在Ukiah已經呆了八年了。週末,我感覺不太舒服。 我嘔吐了3次,胃痛。 儘管如此
麼? 生為一個性格外向好動的人、我曾經喜歡環遊世界,我問自己,我還在人們常說
Well, let me share a quote from a DRBU instructor, Doug Power. Doug would
often say, “Shr Fu did not bring Chinese Buddhism to the west, Shr Fu brings
humanity back to humans.” I keep this quote in my heart all the time. I ask
myself, what does it mean to be human? Here in CTTB, I feel I am given the
opportunity to truly untie and unlock my full potential through the Buddha’s and
Shr Fu’s teaching.
Also, the Earth Store Sutra, is a constant reminder of what it means to be human,
to truly discover our innate wealth and treasury repository. I truly believe in Shr
Fu’s vision of bringing humanity back to humans. I believe this is the most
important priority in the world right now.
好吧,讓我分享 法界大學 講師 Doug Power 的一句話。 Doug 老師常說:“師父並沒
有把漢傳佛教帶到西方,師父把人性帶回了人類。” 這句話我一直記在心裡。 我問自
己,生而為人意味著什麼? 我還在探索答案. 在CTTB,通過佛陀 和師夫的教導,我
可能有機會真正解開 並釋放我的全部潛力。 此外,《地藏經》不斷提醒我們,如何真正
作人,去發現與生俱來的財富和尚未發現的寶藏。 我真的相信師父將人性帶回人類的
願景。 我相信這是目前世界上最重要的優先事項。
What has changed since I came here? My definition of happiness has
changed. Recently, I had a conversation with my friend’s mom, a 70-year-old
charming well-read person. She told me her definition of happiness is peace.
Makes sense doesn’t it? Well, what is my definition? Seriously? Since I came
here, I notice the shift from an acquiring mindset to a renunciate mindset, this
itself brings happiness. Simplicity is happiness. A simple life offers clarity. Clarity
and unconfused, offers sources of happiness. Like my wise friend would put it,
the idea of renunciation aligns with the Buddha’s teaching that we are inherently
full and complete. There is nothing to gain from outside. A life of renunciation is
a happy life. I hope to cultivate simplicity, frugality, humility, clarity, equipped with
moral integrity & precepts, conserving and protecting resources around me, this
is a blameless life. This is a life well lived. This is a happy life.
自從我來到這里之後發生了什麼變化? 我對幸福的定義已經改變了。 最近,我和朋
是和平。有道理,是嗎? 好吧,我的幸福定義是什麼?自從來到這里之後, 我發現到
從獲取心態到減少心態的轉變,原來可以帶來了幸福。 簡少就是幸福。簡單的生活帶
來清晰。 清晰而不混亂,是幸福的源泉。正如我智慧的朋友所說,減少心態的觀念與
佛陀的教義是一致的,即我們本質上是圓滿和完整的。 從外面沒有什麼可以得到的。
減少心態才是幸福的生活。 我希望繼續培養簡樸、節儉、謙悲、明朗、具備道德戒律,
節約和保護身邊的資源,這才是無可指責的人生。 這才是美好的生活。 這就是幸福的
What are my challenges? My challenge has been taking mine and other
people’s passing comments, views, thoughts and attachments too seriously, and
keeping it to heart. I hope to develop discernment and the right view.
我的挑戰是什麼? 我面臨的挑戰是 把自己和別人的 意見 ,看法, 評論, 聽得太認
What do I ask myself to do these days? I ask myself to be mentally and
physically well, to be aware of the movement of my mind, to be less judgemental,
to relax and be calm and focused. However, there is always a constant feeling of
stress, hostility and demand.
這些曰子我要求自己做什麼? 我要求自己保持身心健康,注意自己的思想運作,減
少評判,放鬆,保持冷靜和專注。但是, 總是有一種持續不斷的壓力、敵意和被要求的
As a laywomen, what are some of the priorities going forward? I would like
to see my own mistakes and grow with skillful means. I hope in my day-to-day
interaction with myself and the world, I could use my body, speech and mind
skillfully guided by 8 Fold Noble Path, Six Guiding Principles, and truly
understand the Buddha’s actual meaning, Like DM Chih would say, be a good
vessel for the Triple Jewel. 作為一名在家居士,未來的一些優先事項是什麼? 我希
望看清楚自己的問題 能運用善巧方便。 我希望在與自己和世界的日常互動中,我的
身、口、意能清楚的運用八正道, 運用師夫六大宗指 ,佛的教法 ,和真正了解佛陀的真
正意義. 就像恒持法師所說,做三寶的好器皿。
Also, the priority to cultivate well being, loving kindness, empathy,
non-violent communications and compassion. Like my spouse would always
say, vigor and diligent in self discipline, generous and yielding to others
接下來,希望有機會修行培養幸福、慈愛, 同理心, 非暴力/善語溝通和慈懷。就像我
Last but not least, the priority to cultivate kalyana mitta/noble friends. In the
Upaddha sutta of the Samyutta Nikaya (SN 45.2), when Venerable Ananda asked
the Buddha about spiritual friendship or noble companionship (kalyana mittata) is
half of the spiritual life, the Buddha corrected Venerable Ananda and stated that,
the spiritual friendship is indeed the whole spiritual life. I hope to cultivate a
reciprocative & trustworthy & respectful noble friendship. 最後, 修行栽培 親近善
友/善知識/良師益友, 佛陀在《Upaddha sutta》Samyutta Nikaya (SN 45.2)中,當阿
難陀尊者問佛陀 , 親近善友/善知識/良師益友/或陪伴是修行生活的一半時,佛陀糾正
了阿難尊者並指出,其實 親近善友/善知識/良師益友是整個修行生活,希望有機會栽
培互惠互信 親近善友/善知識/良師益友。
Attributing to Ullambana tomorrow, if there are any inspirations and aspirations
that arises from today’s dharma sharing, I would like to dedicate this to the well
beings of humanity, may all beings find themselves in loving kindness and
compassion, Like Doug would say, if you can’t find stillness, at least be mindful.
I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to Shr Fu & the Triple
Jewel, all my teachers, instructors and good knowing advisors, for their guidance
and engaging me in this path. I grew so much confidence in the Triple Jewel. And
a special gratitude to DM Heng Gong, since I started study at DRBU, lead and
recite Earthstore Sutra daily at 5pm regardless rain or shine. Special gratitude to
DM Heng Gong, you are such a great kalyana mitta.

因明日盂蘭盆正曰,若今天的分享有什麼啟發與激發 ,回向一切眾生離苦得樂。就像Doug 老師 ,如果你找不到禪定,至少要保持正念。感謝師夫,三寶,身邊團隊的指導和陪伴,對我對三寶信心大增。特別感恩恆功法師, 從我上法界大學到現在, 每天下午5點風雨不改帶領眾生唸地藏經。感恩恆功法師教我讀誦地藏經, 你真是一位善知識。
Last 10-minutes impromptu Q&A: 最後 10 分鐘即興問答:
What do you do in CTTB? And what keeps you going? I am an administrative
support person at the B&G group. I didn’t ever think I would ever be doing this. It
never occurred to my mind that providing service and support to a community like
the City of 10,000 Buddhas can be so rewarding. Even though we don’t have the
best in class team and not the latest technologies; and our team often receives
complaints from our users, I feel I experience Shr Fu’s spirit in my interactions. I
feel Shr Fu’s, Buddhas & Bodhisattvas support, tolerance and acceptance. I feel
Shr Fu’s gives me an opportunity to engage and experience dharma work, and
plant blessings. This is invaluable. This keeps me going.
你在 CTTB 做什麼? 是什麼讓你堅持下去? 我是 B&G 維修小組文書幫助。 我從來
沒想過我會這麼做。 我從來沒有想到,為萬佛城這樣的社區提供服務和支持會如此有
意義。 儘管我們沒有第一流的團隊, 也沒有最新的技術; 而且我們團隊經常收到用戶
的投訴,我感覺在互動中體會到了師夫的精神。 我感受到師父和佛菩薩的加持,寬容
和包容。 我覺得師父給我機會從事和體驗佛事,種福田。這是無價之寶。 這讓我繼續
Give us an example? I saw many of Shr Fu’s disciples patiently guiding and
teaching the crew members. Some of their skills are outdated, some have
communication challenges, Shr Fu’s disciples gave them opportunities to plant
blessings. This is kindness-compassion. That is humanity. This moves my heart.
給我們舉個例子? 我看到師父多位大弟子耐心的指導、教導團隊們。 雖然有一些團
隊們的技藝已經過時了,有一些有溝通困難, 師父多位大弟子給了他們種福田的機
會。 這就是慈懷。 這就是人性。 這打動了我的心。
What are some of the mistakes that you would like to change? I wish I could
have more space to observe the movement of the mind, and not be taken over
by my senses, discrimination mind, views, attachments and habituation.
您想改變哪些錯誤? 我希望我能有更多空間觀察察覺自己的舉心動念, 不被我的