沙彌尼近殊講於2012年7月19日星期四晚 萬佛城大殿  A talk give by Shramanerika Jin Shu on July 19 (Thursday), 2012 at Buddha Hall of CTTB

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All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the Venerable Master, all DMs, and all good wise advisors, Amituofo! Today is Shramanerika Jin Shu’s turn to practice tie Dharma affinities. If I have said something improper, please correct me.

今天是7月19號,還記得嗎,上個月的今天正是華嚴法會的圓滿日,大衆法喜充滿之際,又緊鑼密鼓地籌備接下來的三天大法會?華嚴法會的殊勝相信每一位參與者都能感受到。有人說外面雖然很熱,但當踏進萬佛寶殿華嚴壇場,氣氛就不一樣了,備感一陣清涼,真是不可思議!回想個人生平第一次住道場參加的便是華嚴法會;第一次聽法,法師講的正是《華嚴經 ‧ 離世間品》。當時法師很用心地講解,與會大衆都聽得津津有味,唯獨個人聽得一頭霧水;因爲當時母親剛往生,心情還挺沉重,無法敞開心懷遨遊華藏世界海,所以沒有很特別的經歷。


Today is July 19th, just wonder everybody still remember, about a month ago June 19th, was the completion of Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation Session. While all  participants were filled with dharma bliss, they had to make necessary adjustments or preparations for the three days important Assemblies.

I believed all participants share the same feeling after attending The Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation Session, it’s awesome!  I heard someone said, it was pretty hot outside, however, as long as you step into our Buddha Hall, the atmosphere change and you will feel the bliss. This is really inconceivable.  I recall the very first in my life-time to stay in the monastery, was to attend The Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation Assembly, and the first Dharma talk I had ever listened is also The Avatamsaka Sutra, which is called Leaving the World Chapter. At that time, the sutra was clearly explained by Dharma Master; the assemblies were listening attentively and filled with joy except myself. I was relatively blurred at that time, because my mom had just passed away and I was kind of sad. I can’t really enjoy the bliss and enter into the sutra treasury,  few years later I still have no idea of what the sutra is all about.  Now I have left home, this is a brand new way of living, I am still learning how to be a monastic, but most of the time I was quite blur. Due to lack of practice in propriety and the essence of interaction with people, I constantly bump into many misunderstanding. So I have lots of tests. I almost fail every time, and I asked myself, along the way of cultivation, how could it be so many tests? Is these due to my own problem of being too attach, too heavy mundane habits? Was my character not soft and subtle? Am I too arrogant and not accord with teaching? Or Am I being too active? No patience at all? Or I have wrongly cultivated the ‘Self’? I try to reflect upon myself. As soon as I have these thoughts, I came across with the story of Youth Sudhana. I am going to briefly speak this story, if you have already heard it, please be a little patient and bear with me.


Youth Sudhana single-mindedly recalled everything his teacher taught him and travelled progressively until he arrived at thevillageofIshana. He saw a Brahman called Victorious Heat was cultivating all sorts of ascetic practices in his search of all wisdom.  What are the ascetic practices that he is cultivating? This Brahman was sitting right in the mist of huge fire; flames were spouting out like huge mountain. More impressive was a gigantic mountain of knives that rose from the fiery blaze. The Brahman climbed to that mountain top and cast himself into the fire. Upon seeing this, Youth Sudhana bowed at Brahman’s feet, put his palms together and said: “Sagely one, I have already brought forth the result of anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. But I still do not know how a Bodhisattva studies the Bodhisattva’s conduct, and how he cultivates the Bodhisattva’s path? I heard that the Sagely one is skilled at guiding and teaching, I wish you would explain this for me.”


After hearing what Youth Sudhana requested, and The Brahman said: “Good man, now if you can go up this mountain of knives and throw yourself into the mass of fire, then all your Bodhisattva’s conducts will be purified.”  Now everyone here in this Buddha Hall, can you please imagine if you were Youth Sudhana, will you follow what the Brahman told to do? And what kind of mind-set will arise from your thought? Please think about that.  Well as for myself, my mind has become kind of clear. This is a test that the Brahman give to Youth Sudhana and I realized that everyone including the Sagely one have tests, I am not alone. Ok, now let us take a look at Youth Sudhana.


At that time, Youth Sudhana has these thoughts: it is difficult to obtain human body; it is difficult to be apart from all disaster; it is difficult to attend freedom from difficulties, and it is very difficult to obtain pure Dharma, it is very difficult to meet the Buddha, it is very difficult to replete with all faculties, it is very difficult to hear the Buddha’s Dharma, it is very difficult to meet with good people, and it is very difficult to encounter a true good knowing advisor, it is very difficult to practice according to the Dharma.

If I were to leap into this blaze, wouldn’t I lose my body and I would not be able to cultivate the Way. Is this Brahman a demon king? Can he be a servant sent by the demon king, who manifested the appearance of a Bodhisattva’s and good knowing advisor to obstruct my cultivation? While Youth Sudhana was having these doubts and inconceivable states happened.


梵天說完後,又有一萬位天魔,在虛空中,用摩尼寶珠洒在勝熱婆羅門的身上,供養他,對善財童子說:「這位婆羅門用五種熱來炙烤他的身體時,現出金剛火焰的光明,這光明把我們的光明都遮蓋了,一切宮殿中的莊嚴具都好像黑幕一樣暗淡無光,我們都不生歡喜執著心。所以,我們帶了一切的眷屬來拜訪婆羅門,婆羅門也爲我們說法,令我們及一切天子及諸天女都得到不退轉的果位」 。

What are the inconceivable states?  Now 10,000 Brahman Gods spoke to him from empty space.  They said:  “Good man, do not have this thought, this Sagely one has obtained the light of Vajra Blaze Samadhi. He has brought forth great vigor to save all living beings. With the blaze of wisdom, he wishes to get rid-off the greed and love, improper views of living beings, and also to cut off all fear of aging and death.”

The Brahma God further told Youth Sudhana, “Good man, we Brahma Gods are over- attached to deviant / improper views, we think we are really free and comfortable, and we are pretty arrogant. Upon seeing the Brahman Victorious Heat undergoes such vigorous and bitter practices for the sake of living beings, we lost the joy or bliss derived from Samadhis. So all of us come to where the Brahman was, and the Brahman spoke Dharma for us ,the Brahman was able to lead all of us to dispel improper views and arrogance, to dwell in great kindness and to practice great compassion, to bring forth vast mind and great resolve, so that in places our minds are unobstructed.

After the Brahma God, there were 10,000 Demon Kings from empty space. Throw heavenly mani gems upon the Brahman and told Youth Sudhana:  “Good man, when this Brahman subjected his body to the five fires, the light from that blaze over-shadowed the objects of adornment in all our palaces, our demon light disappear, it became a mass of ink, dull and black. Thus we are no longer attached to our palaces and fine enjoyment. The Demon further said : “We and our retinues come to where the Brahman was, the Brahman spoke Dharma for us and caused we and measureless Gods and Goddesses attain non-retreat  from the result for unsurpassed proper and equal enlightenment.”

Besides the Brahman Gods and Heaven Demon Kings, there are lots of Dharma protectors such as 10,000 Kings of Heaven of Ease and Comfort, 10,000 Kings of Heaven of Lease from Transformation; 10,000 Tushita Heaven Kings; 10,000 Gods of Heaven of the Thirty Three; 10,000 Dragon Kings, 10,000 Gandharva Kings, 10,000 Asura Kings, 10,000 Garuda Kings, 10,000 Kinnara Kings, and measureless Gods from desire realm appeared in empty space and spoke to Youth Sudhana.


Initially, Youth Sudhana gave rise to doubts, he thought that the Brahman was a transformation body of Demon King to trick him, however, after hearing the Gods and the Dharma Protectors certification; Youth Sudhana realized his initial perception was wrong, he felt remorse and repents. Youth Sudhana prays that the Brahman Victorious Heat will accept his repent and reform of unwholesome attitude,  then he accords with what the good knowing advisors teaching.

At that time, the Brahman told Youth Sudhana : “If there were Bodhisattvas who accord with good knowing advisors teaching, then towards all, there will have no doubt or fear,  their minds will not moved by any states.”

我到底明白了什麼呢?善財童子往昔修諸善根、供養諸佛,當他一思維不好的念頭起來時,便感得諸天護法來幫他、指正他,讓他不走錯路。我們現在所遇到的種種境界,皆是往昔因地不真,現生受報。個人常常提醒自己,要深信困果,要常常想起上人的開示:「一切是考驗,看爾怎麼辦?對境若不識,須再從頭煉。」 阿彌陀佛。

Just now I said I have kind of a little bit clear of something, what have I understood from the story?

Youth Sudhana had already cultivated all good roots and making offerings to all Buddhas. He had gained measureless blessings and virtues. So long as he gives rise to any unwholesome mind, there were lots of Gods and Dharma protectors will guide him along the Way. We, myself especially, due to my seeds was not properly planted in causal ground. Now I am receiving my retribution , thus I have to always remind myself, to deeply believe in cause and effect, always to think of what the master’s saying: “ Everything is a test to see what you will do,

If you do not recognized the state, you have to restart all over again.”

This is the Dharma talk for today.  Amituofo!

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